The first rule of campaigns club …

Many people think developing a campaign is just about having a great idea. A great idea is essential of course but in reality it’s much more of a fully rounded science project than that. You see, the first rule of the campaigns club, is to base every decision on evidence.

All our organ donation campaign activity is underpinned by the Behaviour Change Strategy . For this campaign that means increasing the number of people on the Organ Donation Register (ODR) from specific audience groups, and stimulating conversation and debate about donation.

Aiming to be a world class team of communicators we utilise the campaign planning tools provided by the Government Communications Service (GCS) in order to deliver an audience-led campaign whilst setting the highest standards for implementation and delivery. Beware aspiring campaigners; it’s far too easy to get carried away with what we like rather than what our consumers need! This is so important that we all have signs on our laptops; ‘You are not the target audience’!    Icons 02

With our planning tools and evidence under our arms, we knew we needed to provide something for our younger (18-35) audience to get involved with as they weren’t being directly addressed in our existing campaign plans for the year.

We also knew that the most common subject of online conversation in this group is organ donation waste, and that this conversation is significantly increased when NHSBT runs relevant communications activity. Additionally, insight from our audience research told us that this group is opinionated and vocal, likes a debate, and are also interested in doing good. One quote, as an example:

“Why wouldn’t you save a life if you could? You don’t need your organs when you’re dead”

Quite. So based on this understanding, along with some tone of voice insight and deeper analysis of consumer behaviour we knew we needed something that was digital, social and encouraged this conversation further. Following the development of a brief, and the subsequent procurement process we worked to come up with the question of ‘Waste or Save’ and to use this as a thought-provoking question for our users to answer;

‘When you die will you waste your organs or will they be used to save lives?’

Icons 03To support the Waste or Save idea we developed ‘The Vitals’; a set of characters developed by, and with, our target audience group. The Vitals are six organ characters based on the vital organs (plus the eye) which would pose this conversation-starter and feature in various pieces of content throughout the campaign. We developed each character, their personalities and the ‘Waste or Save’ story into stills, gifs, animations and an interactive film to be placed on our website. We ensured the characters were checked by clinical colleagues to get their functions absolutely right.

As this is a digital campaign we ensured everything was accessible to mobile users on both our own channels and those of our partners. We ensured there was a coherent user journey to follow wherever someone picked up the campaign to make sure as many people signed up as possible. And we developed a week of ‘educational’ content to post our prior to the campaign to introduce The Vitals, seed the campaign and increase knowledge of their function.

Our campaign is supported by partners and influencers in order to increase the reach and touch as many people as possible during the two week period. Throughout this period we’ll be checking responses and reaction to the content, responding to questions, adapting and changing the paid-for targeting to ensure it reaches maximum effectiveness and of course pulling together the evaluation plan to ensure every single piece of content, support and registrations are tracked and accounted for and reported back to the Cabinet Office.

And in three months time, if it’s a success, it’s back round the table to plan for Summer 2017.

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Sarah Hanner Hopwood

Marketing & Campaigns Manager – Communications

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