Online blood donation service: Rolls up sleeves and nails assessment

On the 7th of October a team from NHS Blood and Transplant attended a voluntary Digital by Default Service Standard Assessment with Government Digital Services (phew that was a mouthful) in order to help assess performance and to identify areas for improvement for our online appointment booking service.

The team were delighted to get the news that we passed the Assessment, with 25 out of 26 points being met!

The Service Standard lays out 26 key points for assessment to conform to a Cabinet Office spend control requirement and we were assessed by a very helpful panel from the GDS team lead by Pauline Ferris.
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Feedback from the GDS team was very positive and stated that we had a clear understanding of the 26 points of the standard. They were also very impressed with the passion across the whole team to deliver the new service, the depth of knowledge of the product and thinking behind the decision making.

There were a number of points where we received feedback on areas such as: increasing face to face user research; adopting an agile methodology and increased assisted digital research and support.

The project team will look to implement the assessment team’s recommendations as part of the ongoing agile iterations of our online service.

This is a really positive step in our digital journey and a sign that, as well as meeting our donor’s online servicing needs, we are also meeting government digital by default service standards.
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If you would like to read more on the assessment you can find it here.

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